Posted November 6, 2012 at 04:33 pm
Letting everyone know Desert Bus for hope will be starting November 16th! It's a crazy awesome week long donation drive for Child's Play charity for children's hospitals  where you can donate to make people do crazy stuff with a live feed all week, participate in many nerd-related auctions, and often celebrity guests!  Last year Desert Bus alone made over $380,000 for charity!

I've been watching since Desert Bus 2, and have actually been a part of it since Desert Bus 3! That's right, for the past three years I've been the official artist of Desert Bus.  Every year I create a poster in my own little solo marathon that commemorates all the crazy stuff that goes on during the event.

Want a preview of what might go on? Check out the posters I did the two previous years!

2010 2011

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