Posted May 10, 2012 at 04:05 am
Site is progressing! At least I have all the pages uploaded now.  Hope to have it all up and running soon.  Currently finishing the visual designs of the main page, will add additional pages after I get all that settled.  Goal is to have all that done within another day, but who knows!


I should add the last update about the books here since there's nowhere to find that news anymore: I have Vol 1 in my possession and I'm waiting on receiving Vol 2.  In the meantime I'm getting all the  first books in envelops and addressing them, hopefully meaning that I'll be able to ship them out soon after I get Vol 2 from the printer.  The website exploding unexpectedly has put a bit of a delay in that plan, but I'll update you on any new information when it comes up!
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