Posted February 5, 2014 at 11:55 pm
That’s right, I’m going to remake Chapter 1 of Supernormal Step as a 5 year anniversary special! I’m super excited to be doing this. It’s going to be a completely re-written version of the first story, using what I’ve learned about writing, and the characters themselves, over the past 5 years.

Now, I can sense some of you getting worried, but don’t panic, this isn’t going to be the Star Wars special editions. This remake will be non-canon to the story of Supernormal Step and will not replace the original in any way. I’m doing it like that so I can change whatever I want without worrying too much, and have fun with it and make it different enough so it will feel fresh and new.

Now here’s the part some people might not be happy with. This won’t be free. When it’s all finished, I’m going to sell it digitally and in print as a stand-alone comic. Let me reassure you though, I’m going to make sure the writing is be my best, the colors to look great, and make each panel look the best quality I can give. It’s going to take a while to do, I might not be finished with this for many months, but I’m going to do my best to make it something WORTH buying.

And if it all works out, maybe I’ll do more things like this in the future, not necessarily remakes, but stand alone comics. Stuff like stories about Fiona before the comic started, or about other fan favorite characters like Em or May. In the meantime, I’ve put up a progress bar to the left so you can see how it’s coming!

And Come back Monday for one more remake sneak peek, before we head back to the story next Thursday!!

Progress bar percentage meanings:

0% Writing is finished, all that needs to be done now are the pages.
25% Half of the pages are penciled, and dialog is placed in
50% All pages are penciled, and dialog is placed in.  I'll look over every page to make sure the pencils all look good at this point.
75% Half of the pages are colored.
100% All the pages are colored and a Cover has been made.  When we hit this, expect it to be out soon!
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