Posted July 18, 2013 at 10:06 pm
I started three pages a week because I thought I could handle it, and I really wanted to give readers more. As a reader myself, three pages a week is fantastic, the perfect amount. I always want to give readers what I would want, but in this case, while I can get the pages drawn, I don't have time to work on other aspects of the comic, like writing, or anything else I'd like to do for it. Like last week when I had to halt pages to do a convention, if I was still on the two page a week schedule I probably could have kept updates going as originally planned.

So we're going back to the old Monday & Thursday schedule. I'm very sorry for this because it's one thing I HATE as a reader, schedule changes that is. I hope you enjoyed these few months with three pages a week though! I hope that it will result in the next chapter being amazing, and I've got a few ideas on the side I could do that I think you'll appreciate as well.

I'll try to learn from mistakes like this, I hate jerking people around because I don't think things through enough.

See you Monday!
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