Hey everyone! as of Monday the 9th it's my birthday! I've turned 26. How will we celebrate? By putting the books back up for sale! Order them by clicking here or on the big red banner on the right. As a write this there are only around 50 copies of each book left before I have to order more. These will be shipped out as soon as you purchase them, so expect them within a couple weeks!
Vote in the forums here for which characters you'd like to see in the next wallpaper! Click!

You may pick THREE options, this will give me a better idea of which characters are genuinely enjoyed the most. Also you may change your vote at any time until it closes. The Poll will be up for seven days, and then be closed so I can see the results.
New Vote incentive is Jim rage comic meme faces! I had fun doing them, they crack me up. Click to vote! Or use the big blue button on the right side of the site.

and Books will be shipped today! Expect them in your hands soon!
This is my first time handling any sort of product creation and shipping all on my own and I seem to be hitting every speed bump imaginable along the way. Latest news for everyone waiting on their books is that I have ALL the books now finally, but they are not all addressed yet. I planned on having them done today and going to ship them out, but I seem to have counted wrong initially when orders were coming in, and I got quite a few more orders than I realized. Normally this wouldn't be a huge problem, but today was apparently the last day for an entire week that I could get anyone to help me get these boxes and boxes of books to the post office. Problems only a hermit with no car has.

So one more time I have to apologize for making you guys wait so long for these books. One more week and they'll be on their way to you.
Three big updates! One is that you might notice a new Forum tab up at the top. Check it out! Hope to see a bunch of you there. Let me know if there are any problems with the forums by the way! It's new and probably in need of some adjustment.

Second is that Supernormal Step is now not my only webcomic! Eilis of the Underground is just starting up! Though don't expect it to update as much, I'm taking it slow with that one. Hope you enjoy it none the less!

And Lastly Monday the 21st I will be receiving the shipment of Supernormal Step Vol 2 FINALLY. That means that all the books will be shipped out to you later this week! THEY WILL BE IN YOUR HANDS SOON!
Good News Everyone! I finally got word that Book 2 will be shipping out to me Monday (today) or Tuesday, so I should have them by early next week (Hopefully sooner?) and I'll be shipping them back out to you guys right away! SO plan is for you guys to have books in your hands in the next few weeks. Sorry again this is taking so long! I'm just one person on my own doing this for the very first time. Hopefully I'm learning enough from this experience to make the process much faster next time!

Mainly though, I've got an idea of how many books to order next time I have to do this, so I won't even probably put you guys through a long pre-order process when I need to print up the inevitable book 3!

anyways, fingers crossed for getting you books soon!
Site is progressing! At least I have all the pages uploaded now.  Hope to have it all up and running soon.  Currently finishing the visual designs of the main page, will add additional pages after I get all that settled.  Goal is to have all that done within another day, but who knows!


I should add the last update about the books here since there's nowhere to find that news anymore: I have Vol 1 in my possession and I'm waiting on receiving Vol 2.  In the meantime I'm getting all the  first books in envelops and addressing them, hopefully meaning that I'll be able to ship them out soon after I get Vol 2 from the printer.  The website exploding unexpectedly has put a bit of a delay in that plan, but I'll update you on any new information when it comes up!
Hi there I see you found this horrible default page.  Supernormal Step is getting overhauled! Please be patient as this emergency website build is going down.

UPDATE: Well I've got all the pages updated (With placeholder names, I'll try to correct those over time)  Next will be making the website look good, hopefully better than before!
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