Like watching people play video games? Well I got bored and nostalgic, so I made my own twitch channel. Still working out the kinks in my setup, but you can check out my channel at

You can follow me there if you'd like, I'll also be posting on Twitter when I'm going to stream!
Supernormal Step's 4th birthday is coming up on February 1st! So starting that day and going for a full week I'd like to do guest pages! I've already got a couple friends who've said they'd try to do them, but I still need more.  If you have the time in the next month, it'd be great if you could do one!

Dimensions needed: 720 x 1080 pixels
Due date: Last week of January, getting them in early would save me a lot of anxiety.

Email the pages to
Please include your name and a link to where people can see your work!
Final money raised at the end was over $435,800.  Thank you so much everyone who participated and donated!  See you at Desert Bus 7!
Letting everyone know Desert Bus for hope will be starting November 16th! It's a crazy awesome week long donation drive for Child's Play charity for children's hospitals  where you can donate to make people do crazy stuff with a live feed all week, participate in many nerd-related auctions, and often celebrity guests!  Last year Desert Bus alone made over $380,000 for charity!

I've been watching since Desert Bus 2, and have actually been a part of it since Desert Bus 3! That's right, for the past three years I've been the official artist of Desert Bus.  Every year I create a poster in my own little solo marathon that commemorates all the crazy stuff that goes on during the event.

Want a preview of what might go on? Check out the posters I did the two previous years!

2010 2011

Please help spread the word!
Here's a Supernormal Step related thing I drew recently!

You should check out my Deviant Art and Tumblr, I'm always posting art over on them!
Finally found time to do up a cast page. Slowly getting this site to where I want it after the great website explosion of 2012.

Lot of things still need to be done. The next thing I want to get back is the fan art gallery! Problem with that is I don't remember where a lot of them came from now. I'll probably end up putting the ones in there that I remember who gave them to me, then ask people to send me a reminder if they'd sent me one before with a link to their site/gallery.

I also need to go through and title all the pages so that I can have the page title displayed on the site somewhere, and also a better archive. Right now if I did it the bulk of pages would be titled "Name pending" or something like that, and that's no good!

Probably an "About" page too.

Those are the things I can think of off the top of my head, I'll keep you updated on any other big changes to the site!
I have a guest comic up over at Sam & Fuzzy! Check it out!

Also you may have noticed comments aren't on blogposts anymore. I really hoped it would work out, but disabled them because people were using them to comment on whatever page is up instead of commenting on the blog, even though blogs aren't attached to specific pages. If you want to discuss specific pages, there's always the forums!

Oh and I apologize ahead of time if I sound harsh online, I don't mean to be!
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