Supernormal Step Vol. 3 was out of stock for a few months, due to funds and laziness, but it's back now! If you needed that for your collection, you can grab it, I know I got a few messages from people asking for it while it was out.  Sorry it took so long!
Reminder that next week (The 5th of January) starts our new schedule of 3 pages per week! It'll update Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  Again, thank you to all the supporters on Patreon that made it possible!
Patreon reached it's goal with a little boost from Hiveworks, so next month Supernormal Step will be 3 days a week! Monday, Wednesday, and Friday starting January 5th.  Thank you to all the amazing people supporting the comic!

If you'd like to help make Supernormal Step stronger, you can help out over at Patreon too, the more it makes the more time I can put into the comic!
Hey everyone! Would you like to see Supernormal Step 3 times a week again? Well we can do that! Maybe.  I put a new goal on Supernormal Step's Patreon.  If we can handle it, I'll start doing it.  I'd love for Supernormal Step to be my main focus and I'm tired of looking for other things to fill my paycheck (which takes time away from Supernormal Step).  If you want to see Supernormal Step be the best it can be, please help me do just that!
Desert Bus for Hope 8

Desert Bus is starting again! Every year I help out with a charity marathon called Desert Bus for Hope that runs week long, and it starts November 14th.  The event is crazy fun to watch and you can pop in any time to see what crazy things they're doing to raise money including call-ins from famous people, auctions, and challenges from donators.  You should really check it out and pitch in to the craziness.

For my part, I make a poster for the event each year that gets sold off to raise more money, you can see all the past ones I've done here.  As you can see, weird stuff goes down, so you won't want to miss it!
The special remake chapter is still coming, but in a different form than originally planned. I've taken down the update bar because it won't apply anymore. Stay tuned for news on it in the future!
Nothing really huge, but if you'd like to donate through patreon I set up a thing for that! Check out the Supernormal Step Patreon, no goal planned or anything to worry about, but if you'd like to support he comic it would help me out a ton. I also will be doing something a little special for $5 donators that I think some people might get a kick out of.
Just a warning that the upcoming week is gonna be kind of slow. Due to the weird structure I'm doing in the next chapter, the next two updates will be covers. I know it's a bit disappointing, but I hope you enjoy the covers anyways!
I hadn’t mentioned this much yet, but Supernormal Step books are available in PDF format at Hiveread! I know a lot of people have been asking for them, and it’s a lot cheaper than the printed versions, with all the same extras. Hope this is good news for people who have been wanting to get them!
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