Fix the World
posted Jun.01.17 at 12:01 am

That's the end of this short but informational chapter.  We'll be on a 2 week break between chapters, so We'll see you early June! The chapter will start updating on June 19th.

Edit: So just as this chapter was ending, my life started to take some unexpected turns and I suddenly had to move. I've been spending a lot of time having to pack and find a place to live. Everything got settled rather quickly and there weren't any huge problems in the process, but the end result is I'm moving to my new place this weekend and won't have internet until sometime monday.

Due to this, I'm going to have Supernormal Step's next chapter start Thursday the 22nd instead.  So I'll have time to settle in and everything before starting updates.  I hope you understand!

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Oct.15.17 at 06:59 pm

I haven’t been doing great this year, so I’m selling my leftover ECCC prints finally! If you want one, you can get them for $10 each at my store here:

Once the stock is all sold, there won’t be any more made, so get them while you can! 


Oct.13.17 at 02:42 am

Hey everyone! I got to do a NSFW comic for Slipshine! (an 18+ Only Website)

It's called Zuzka's Hex Life (find it in the Artist's Showcase). It's a story about a naked boy who stumbles across a punky witch's house in the woods. Check it out if you'd like!


Apr.30.17 at 04:26 pm

Having a comments section on the comic was great at first, but lately it’s just been making me more and more depressed.  I don’t blame anyone specifically for this, or really anyone who posted there, moderating them has just made me very sad, that’s a me-problem I think.

Either way, getting depressed every time I post a page, or feeling anxiety about posting pages knowing I will have to face comments, makes drawing the pages harder.  I needed to remove them for my own health and the health of the comic.

I hope you all understand.

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