Chapter 18: Step Inside Part 1
Posted Jun.06.16 at 12:01 am

Supernormal Step News!: Sadly, I have to cut back to 2 pages a week again. I've been burning myself out trying to keep the update schedule, so from now on Supernormal Step will once again be updated on Monday and Thursday.  Sorry about this, but hopefully it'll mean better quality in the future.

Hey everyone! For the first time that I can remember while making Supernormal Step, I'm gonna take a holiday break this year. 

I'm feeling sick and stressed and having a heck of a time getting this latest page drawn. So I'd rather take a brief vacation instead of breaking myself.  Next page will go up on the 28th

Hope you can understand. 

Happy Holidays everyone!

Hey folks! I'm helping out with Desrt Bus again this year!

Desert Bus is a charity marathon that raises money for children's hospital. Each year they livestream for a whole week, entertaining viewers in nerdy ways, having cool auctions for geeky things.  It starts Nov. 17th at 10 AM PST. 

As for my part, I've made posters for all 11 years of the event, and I'll be doing that again this year! I watch as much as I can and I draw all their antics onto a poster, which is then also sold off to help with the charity.

Tune in and watch! I always have a blast and I hope you do too!

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