posted Aug.28.15 at 12:01 am

Evangeline did say "stop looking so much" but maybe that's bad advice before a haircut.

Aug.15.15 at 10:45 pm

Body Clothes!

Supernormal Step Merch exists again! Get yours at the Supernormal Step store!

Jul.17.15 at 10:06 pm

Finally! It took me way too long to get these done, but Supernormal Step Vol. 5 and the single issue special Encore are in the Store! Both available in print and digital versions!

Sorry for the wait on those! It's been a hectic year for me so far.  Hopefully the next time I need to get books done I'll be able to get them out more quickly!

Jul.06.15 at 04:52 pm

Looks like there are missing pages throughout the archives since the redesign! The main problem seems to have been apostrophies in the filenames of some pages.  So if you're re-reading through and notice some pages missing, let me know! I'll try to fix it.  

I've fixed a few already and there were some MAJOR pages gone from the archives for the past week. Anyone who read through since the redesign must have been a bit confused!

Hopefully if it isn't all fixed yet, it will be soon, sorry for the issues!

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